Peggy Lindsey
On Angels' Wings Healing and Coaching

Heal Your Heart, Heal Your Soul  

I work with women who desire to live fulfilling lives with joy and confidence, but who are struggling with emotional pain, feeling broken, are not being heard or understood, or feeling powerless.


As a Transformational Life Coach, an Energy Healing Practitioner, and a Teacher of the Art of Feminine Presence, I am here to assist you to move from a place of pain and self doubt to a position of freedom and empowerment!  It is time to start anew as the passionate, courageous, joyful woman you know you are meant to be!


Are you ready to discover the real YOU and live your Truth?

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Meet Peggy

Hello, and welcome!  Let me share a bit about myself . . . I am an intuitive practitioner, grounded in the alternative principles of energy healing practices as well as in the field of Transformational Life Coaching.  My unique combination of skills allows me to provide services in a knowledgeable, compassionate, and effective manner achieving positive results.


After 30 successful years in the corporate world, I chose to follow my passion of assisting others through coaching, healing, and teaching.  My certifications and training consist of the following:


-  Certified Life Coach with specialties in Transformational Coaching as well as Law of Attraction Coaching. 

-  Certified Arcing Light Healing Energy Practitioner, Master Teacher, and appointed Teacher of Teachers.

-  Certified Teacher of The Art of Feminine Presence 

-  Certified Usui Reiki Master

-  Certified Angel Oracle Reader / Intuitive

-  A Universal Life Minister

Having made a loving commitment to continue improving my own life’s journey, I include my own experience when working with and helping others.  I approach all situations from a holistic perspective, considering the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. 

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My Specializations

I assist women in moving from feeling stuck and in pain into a place of freedom and empowerment!  It's time to start anew as the passionate, courageous, joyful woman you know you are meant to be!

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Moving from Fear into Empowerment

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 Turning Self Doubt into Confidence

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Transforming Pain and Brokenness into Wholeness and Joy

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Releasing the Past and Creating the Future

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Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit

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Evolving into the Highest Version of Self

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Work With Me

Are you ready to shed the trauma of the past and unlock the chains that have kept you bound to pain and living small?

Through one-on-one personal sessions, classes and retreats, you will heal the brokenness within, discover who you truly are, unlock your dreams and passions, and embrace a life of confidence and joy!

Explore how!

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What Clients Say

I highly recommend working with Peggy. I've achieved challenging life "re-creation" objectives in retirement, improved personal and professional relationships, and found greater balance in my life. Her techniques allow my strengths to be realized, my journey to be appreciated, and a greater sense of purpose to be obtained. I am a more confident and fulfilled individual today as a result of Peggy's coaching."

Angie B.

Oden, Arkansas


"We don't have to do all of it alone.  We were never meant to."