"I have had the pleasure to work with Peggy as my Life Coach for the past 8 months. Through her kind attention and guidance, I have been able to work through some things that I kept putting off.  Peggy gave me other ways to address the areas in my life where I needed to make changes.  But most of all, Peggy's coaching has helped me transform into becoming who I truly am and to reclaim my personal power!  I highly recommend her!"

                                                                                     Diane B., Oklahoma City, OK

I have had the pleasure of experiencing all types of sessions Peggy offers. I have found them all to be extremely valuable. All were inspiring, motivational and healing. I found my strength and power to move forward and make my dreams come true in both my professional and personal life. It has been a wonderful experience, and I look forward to our future sessions together! Peggy's talent and professionalism are truly a special gift she shares and gives to the world.

                                                                                      Virginia S., Port St. Lucie, FL

"I was introduced to Peggy a couple months after losing my mom in a traumatic way. There was not ounce of goodness left in me. I was dark, lost, depressed, sad, angry, frustrated and stuck. Stuck right in the center of all these over powering emotions, just feeding them to continue to take over whatever was left of me after the loss of my mother. Then comes Peggy. I felt like my soul had known her for years.  She devotes all of herself to you. She brought me out of the dark and continues to do so. Peggy's professionalism, value, and human connectedness are out of this world."

                                                                                        Melissa C., Hot Springs, AR

"Peggy's wise and caring personality are deeply reflected in her work. I highly recommend her."

                                                                                         JoAnn M., Hot Springs, AR

"I have had two Angel Readings from Peggy.  Each reading was unique and specific to events occurring in my life at the time.  I found great comfort in the affirmations and clarity provided by the Angels that came forward during each reading.  Peggy's connection with, and love for, the Angelic Realm come pouring through, and I believe this allows her the ability to offer many additional insights.  I highly recommend an Angel Reading from Peggy for those times you are seeking loving support or clarity in your life's journey."

                                                                                                      Linda G., Keller, TX

"Peggy's Arcing Light energy session is simply sublime!  It feels like a massage for the inside of your body - extremely soothing, relaxing and refreshing at the same time.  Highly recommended to calm and restore your spirit, emotions, and physical being anytime.  I love having the Angel-touched "ahh-haa" feeling for days."

                                                                                                     Angie B., Mena, AR




"When my son was five years old, he had trouble focusing in school and had sensory processing issues.  He was a "high maintenance" student.  He seemed intelligent with a large vocabulary but was immature and developmentally delayed. He also had trouble making his eyes focus. In addition to his multiple diagnoses, something just seemed "off." We had tried many therapies including vision therapy, occupational therapy,  physical therapy, energy/vibrational therapy with a wonderful holistic chiropractor, and brain training therapy. We went through two years of these therapies. Some of them seemed to help, especially our wonderful chiropractor, but the last large piece of the puzzle came after his Arcing Light session with Peggy.

He is seven years old now and is a transformed child. This transformation occurred in about two to three weeks after his arcing light session. He can function well in a classroom, is processing information well, and has received good behavior reports in class.  He is reading well. I do not dread homework time like I use to.  I am so grateful to the healing power that my son received. Arcing Light is a beautiful gift. Love is so healing."
                                                                                     Gen T.,  North Little Rock, AR

"My husband and I have entrusted Peggy as our Life Coach.  She has given us valuable tools to make concrete changes to be able to reach our goals."

                                                                                             Kelly H., Hot Springs, AR

My sessions with Peggy are almost indescribable. I have had two Angel Card readings and an Arcing Light session.  Her connection and love of the Angelic Realm comes through remarkably in her session.  She has provided me great comfort after the death of my husband.  Her interactions with the Angels has given her the ability to pull cards that are pertinent to my situation and the messages the Angels need me to hear. She takes an extra effort to make sure I understand and get my questions answered.  I highly recommend Peggy if spiritual guidance is needed.  The Angels have bestowed upon her a wonderful gift she loves to share.  

                                                                                                         Lea S., Austin, AR


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