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Loving Guidance and Support as you Find your Way

Spiritual Mentoring 

Do you find yourself in a place where you wish to explore new spiritual concepts?  Do you find your spirit anxious to discover new ways to grow and connect with the Divine and to others?  Do you long to be inspired once again?  

I grew up in a traditional, devout Catholic family which provided my foundation of faith.  However, as an adult, my spirit wanted to expand, to learn new ways of expression, and to connect with the Creator on a more personal level.   I have been on this journey for many years and wish to assist others who desire to explore and experience an ever-deepening pathway!  

Spiritual Mentoring is available via Zoom or phone, and supported with email exchanges.

Angel Readings

The angels are always with you, assisting you on your path through life.  Angel Readings are one way the angels use to clearly communicate with us, and one receives their guidance and support in complete, unconditional love.

Angel readings can be quite simple or very complex based upon the questions that are asked.  Some individuals just wish for guidance for a particular day, while others wish to have a much deeper reading exploring life's situations and challenges.  Either way, the angels answer you lovingly  and without judgment.  The angels' only wish is to fill you with peace.

Angel Readings are available via Zoom or phone.

Spiritual Mentoring and Angel Readings

60 minute sessions                          $80