Arcing Light - Level One:  Self Healing

The Arcing Light Self Healing Course is a 2-day process taught in a comfortable environment, and consists of receiving alignments and vibrational frequencies.  These frequencies create bands of light around the arms and legs, working through the core (mainly the solar plexus), and the crown.

Most students describe being in a beautiful state of consciousness as the energy is so loving and relaxing.  Because this energy represents the Divine Feminine frequencies, this is an incredibly nurturing experience!

Each student receives information on what Arcing Light is, how it is used, and what the benefits are.   In addition, students will learn the difference between Arcing Light and the energy healing modality Reiki.  Also, students are taught how to administer Arcing Light to assist in his or her own healing (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.)

What are the advantages for taking Arcing Light?

  • Raises one's vibration as density and negativity are released

  • Assists in creating a "letting go" process to focus on what is desired

  • Increases intuition and spiritual connection

  • Lessens reactive stress and creates more joy

  • Lessens and removes emotional blocks, phobias, and fears

  • Decreases and releases pain in the body, promotes health and wellness, and increases vitality and movement

Upon successful completion of this class, each student will receive a certificate of completion for Level One.


PRE-REQUISITE:  Students must have experienced a hands-on Arcing Light session prior to class.

Arcing Light - Level TWO:  practitioner

Building on the foundation of Level One, the Arcing Light Practitioner Course consists of two days of higher vibrational frequencies that will allow the student to hold more fully the Arcing Light energy.  Again, the beautiful frequencies offer nurturing and relaxation allowing one to experience higher levels of consciousness.  There is a forming of a deeper connection to one's own divinity as new alignments are placed within, expanding one's gifts, intuition, and healing abilities.

Each student receives more in-depth information on Arcing Light and the role of a Practitioner.  In addition, students are taught how to administer Arcing Light to others, both in person and long distance, to assist in their healing journey.

Advantages of taking the Arcing Light Practitioner Course

  • Anchors Arcing Light more fully within

  • Deeper spiritual connection with Higher Self

  • Expansion of innate gifts, intuition, and healing abilities

  • Teaches a simple method that allows one to assist others

  • Is complementary with other healing modalities

Upon successful completion of this class, each student will receive a certificate state he/she is certified as an Arcing Light Healing Practitioner.  Practitioners are highly encouraged to share Arcing Light with themselves, with loved ones, and with clients.


PRE-REQUISITE:  Students must have successfully completed Level One for a minimum of 90 days, and are dedicated to using Arcing Light in a daily, self-nurturing practice.


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